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F1 – Verstappen wins pole position in Austin

The Dutch driver was the fastest in the Austin Grand Prix qualifying session edging Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen was the only one to go below 1’33 ” with a fastest lap of 1’32”910.

He won his 9th pole of the season, and is getting into a comfortable position to prepare for Sunday’s race while Mercedes will have to scramble to score more points than the Red Bull team, in order to tackle the end of the season which promises to be under high tension.

The other results of this qualifying also see the 5th position of Charles Leclerc and the 6th position of his partner Carlos Sainz, in fact the Ferraris have been more efficient than the Mclarens today. The starting line will change because the Ferrari drivers will advance by one grid position each with the Bottas five-place grid penalty. The Mercedes driver finished 4th in these qualifications and will start at 9th position on Sunday.

You will find out the complet standing of Saturday’s qualification of the Austin Grand Prix below :

1 – Verstappen 11 – 0con

2 – Hamilton 12 – Vettel

3 – Perez 13 – Giovinazzi

4 – Bottas 14 – Alonso

5 – Leclerc 15 – Russel

6 – Sainz 16 – Stroll

7 – Ricciardo 17 – Latifi

8 – Norris 18 – Raikkonen

9 – Gasly 19 – Schumacher

10 – Tsunoda 20 – Mazepin

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