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Basket/NBA – Russell tames the 76ers in the overtime in a crazy game!

Lineups :

Philadelphia 76ers : T. Maxey – J. Embiid – S. Curry – T. Harris – M. Thybulle

Minnesota Timberwolves : K. Towns – J. Vanderbilt – A. Edwards – D. Russell – T. Prince

For this game the Philadelphia 76ers are hosting a great team of Minnesota. Yesterday night the wolves lost against the hornets, they will be even more focus tonight to keep this great beginning of the season. The 76ers are happy to welcome back Embiid on the court, a great news that will put the 76ers in a good mood to look forward to do better things than this average beggining of the season for this Philadelphia team.

What a first quarter from the wolves ! Lead by Towns and Edwards they just crushed the 76ers in this first quarter. They dominate from A to Z with this duo, Towns scored 15 points in this first quarter, Edwards make the show with amazing posters and have also 12 points. Really great first half to watch, the wolves take the lead by 15 points and lead 35 -20. They are now leader but they will need to be very focus on their basketball because Philadelphia have the arms to play agressive especially in defense.

Step by step Phila’ reduce the gap in this beginning of the second quarter. Without the duo Towns / Edwards who were in the bench in this few first minutes, they concede more buckets and Philadelphia played harder on defense. Once again a domination for the wolves, they always find an easy way to score. They keep a 15 point gap at half time, 56 – 41. If the 76ers want to reduce this gap they need to be more agressive in defense, have a better 3 pointers made and also they need to have a good Embiid and Tobias Harris. Let’s see what is going to happen.

Philadelphie were in mission for this third quarter, they played better in defense, better at shooting better at all. Maxey was also really clutch and it’s helped 76ers to reduce the gap. The gap is only 2 points at the end of the third quarter, the 76ers are now in the game and we will have a tight fourth quarter. 72 – 70 for the wolves at the end of the third quarter.

The wolves take add 5 points in the very first minute of the fourth quarter, with Russell who scored a 2 point and a 3 points. Russell fire a 3 pointer again in the beggining of the quarter, already his second in 2 minutes, 80 – 74 now. Each time phila arrived to reduce the gap, Minnesota have always an answer and always find a good way to stay in front. No more gap now it’s 95 – 95, and there is 3 minutes left, Towns is ejected because of his fifth foul. Embiid makes a 3 pointer gap, but Towns react, and then Edwards who was really hidden in this second half makes a clutct 3 pointer, it’s 100 – 98 now 1 minute left. Last possession for the wolves, Edwards missed the shot, it’s now overtime.

An amazing overtime with an amazing battle between Embiid and Russell. Russell make a clutch 3 pointer at 4 seconds, it’s 113 — 110 at this time. After that Maxey was foul, he made the first free throw, miss the second and there 2 seconds left, Drummond came out and just touch the ball in the net to put Philadelphia in OT2!

The wolves took the lead at the beggining of the second OT but couldn’t make a huge gap. The 76ers came back and took the lead. Maxey missed a pass and the Timberwolves take a 1 point lead and with 4 seconds left. Minnesota blocked Embiid in the last possession! The Timberwolves win 121 – 120. What an amazing game that was.

Hippolyte Doyle

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