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Basket/NBA – Warriors win the Christmas game against the Suns!

Line-ups :

Phoenix Suns : D. Booker – C. Paul – J. Crowder – M. Bridges – D. Ayton

Golden State Warriors : S. Curry – O. Porter JR. – G. Payton II – D. Green – K. Looney

For this Christmas game the Suns of Phoenix received once again the Golden State Warriors. After a first great win at home against the Warriors, the Suns without Devin Booker have lost in San Francisco. For this third game both may want to make a different and also a different in the standings. For tonight, the Suns are back with “DBook” against a warriors team rearranging after missing Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins.

First quarter :

A really active and offensive start of the game, 18 – 12 for the Warriors after only 3 minutes on the clock. Really good first quarter, dominated by the warriors who have been focus and aggressive at some point. An overall offensive first quarter, 33 – 27 for the Warriors with Stephen Curry who leads tonight first quarter with 11 points. Let’s see if the both teams will calm the game and focus more on defense or in the other hand we will have an offensive second quarter.

Second quarter :

As I predicted, the Suns have been really more focused on defense and disallowed the attack of the warriors. The Suns are now ahead and this game begins to be with a really good defense level. The Warriors never give up and always count on 3 pointers despite the traffic and they always find a way to stay in this really close game. This game is really attractive between defense, attack and the really amazing 3 pointers of Steph Curry. This first half ends at 62 – 58 for the Suns, really good first half, Stephen Curry (17 points) and Chris Paul (16 points) are the two scoring leaders at first half and gave us a really interesting first half. Hope the second half product a same high level basketball game.

Third quarter :

This third quarter is also really interested, the game is really good, despite this quarter have not been the best in terms of scoring, we have seen a Warriors Team create a small gap. The Suns cameback, and take the lead. This game has not a winner yet but we see two really fighting to get the lead, both teams play a good overall basketball. The game has always been tight, in fact it will be very interesting to see what will happened in the last quarter. The score don’t decide a winner yet but one team will win, let’s hope for a crazy fourth quarter and maybe a really crazy end of the game. 84 – 84 tie game.

Fourth quarter :

The last quarter start was really crazy, points come from nowhere and the game intensify minutes after minutes. The Warriors created a small gap during this quarter but the Suns tried to stay closed to it. Chris Paul is really an amazing player and shows is in a clutch time. For the Warriors side Otto Porter Jr is really unstoppable with 13 points in the fourth half, 7 points in the last 2 minutes in a clutch time. With this plays the Warriors secured the gap and handle with an easy win at the really end of the game. A really great game, thanks to Steph Curry who scored 33 points tonight, and thanks to Otto Porter JR. for the clutch plays who leads the Warriors to an important win 116 – 107. In fact they climb at the first place at the West Conference with a record of 27 – 6.

Hippolyte Doyle

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