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Basketball/NBA – Klay Thompson is BACK with a win !

Line-ups :

Golden States Warriors : S. Curry – K. Thompson – D. Green – A. Wiggins – K. Looney

Cleveland Cavaliers : L. Stevens – E. Mobley – D. Garland – J. Allen – L. Markkanen

The ” Klay Day” is here, after 941 days outside the court due to severals injuries, Klay Thompson will make his return for this game today. A really special moment that is for him, the Warriors, and the NBA, lots of people missed him on the court and he had a long way to came back, so really special game for the NBA world today. For his return he will face Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Warriors will for sure try to make the game and the show event bigger to settle up the win, it’s a new start of the season for the Warriors. The “Splash brothers” are back at it and we are all very happy to see that for the beauty of the game. The second start of the season is now for Golden State Warriors…

First Quarter

The first news is that Draymond Green will just make the fews beginning seconds of the game for the comeback of Klay but he will go back to bench, big miss in defense for the Warriors today. Klay Thompson make the first Warriors baskets of the night what a moment. The game start pretty well, Steph Curry leads the Warriors after 8 minutes in the first quarter, he just hits three 3 pointers in a row and Jordan Poole added a 2 points play to make a straight 11 points for the Warriors who leads 22 – 15. The first quarter ends with a 24 – 21 for the Warriors we have seen the first basket of Klay since 2 years and half, and Steph Curry leads the box score with 14 points in the first quarter. We hope to see more minutes of Klay Thompson in the second quarter and to have a next good quarter.

Second Quarter

Gary Payton II scored really beautiful baskets right there using great skills and with a steal. The Warriors try to extend the win to a 9 points game but the Cavaliers are still there scoring baskets and try to stay really close to the Warriors. No huge leads now, lets see if something happen in the few last minutes of the first half. Klay Thompson came back on court after he played few minutes in the beggining of the first quarter. Klay just puts up an amazing one slam dunk, amazing basket and after it Klay scored his first 3 pointer. Klay is now at 7 points in 9 minutes with a dunk, a mid range basket and a 3 pointer, Klay Thompson is back for reel. The Warriors ends this quarter with a 5 points lead, 51 – 46 for the Warriors. Stephen Curry is now at 18 points, for the Cavaliers it is Lamar Stevens who leads the Cavaliers box scoring. Close game today not a huge gap, the Warriors need to accelerate a bit more to expect a better gap but if they reduce their rhythm the Cavaliers can expect to pass the Warriors. Lots of work to do in the second half to secure a win.

Third Quarter

Klay Thompson start the third quarter with the best way, scored 7 points in 2 minutes exactly the same amount points he scored in the first half. Really first important gap now with 12 points, 60 – 48 for the Warriors. The game went crazy for the Warriors they extend their lead very fast and scored 15 straight points, now they lead 79 – 60 at the end of the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter

The Cavaliers started really this quarter indeed they leads 15 to 6 in the fourth to reduce the gap to 10 now, Jason Rondo scored 11 out of the 15 points. The fourth quarter were not the best quarter in terms of scoring, but the Cavaliers tried their best to came back but Looney were very good tonight and also got his record of rebounds with 18 tonight. The Warriors secured the victory, 96 – 82. Few things not even perfect for the Warriors but lots of positive things such as Klay first who did really well in only 20 minutes he managed to score 17 points. Furthermore the victory after 2 lost is also important and Steph Curry did well tonight with 28 points. Great game for a special day.

Hippolyte Doyle

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