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Basketball/NBA – What’s happening with the 76ers?

This is not the start 76ers expected. 3 games, 3 defeats. One against the Spurs, who are fighting to tank to draft Victor Wembanyama.

Is it the start of a crisis? What is the problem? After two games under his real level, Joel Embiid came back in the third game with 40 points and 13 rebounds. James Harden plays really well in his point guard role. Tyrese Maxey stays in his actual form. Two big problems are identified: the bench and the coach. The bench in the three first games only scored 11, 13 and 10 points. Too bad for a bench of a team who wants to win the title. Moreover, the coach, Doc Rivers is controversial. The rotation setting up by Rivers don’t please to fans, to such an extent that they want the 76ers to fire him.

There is a cold climate over the 76ers, already after the forst three games. So, is there the beginnng of a long season, or simply a bad start?

Nathan Brillon

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