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Foot – Jack Grealish having fun with the calendar on his calves

Arriving in Manchester City in August 2021 from Aston Villa, Jack Grealish alternates the good and the least with the Skyblues. The English striker is bound to be talked about by his performances on the field but also by his calves, which are a bit out of the ordinary. To mark the occasion, his fans have even created a magazine exclusively dedicated to the calves “worthy of a Greek God” of the English international at the 24 selections with the Three Lions.

The 27-year-old played with this at one point during an interview for L’Equipe magazine:

”Yes, I know him, I even gave it to my girlfriend. No it’s a joke! It’s funny this calendar. There are also several Twitter accounts dedicated specifically to my calves, I guess because they are big.”

Martin BIHAN

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