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Foot – Karim Benzema opens the door to a return to Olympique Lyonnais

Benzema back to Lyon? It is a fantasy that, logically, many fans hope to see soon. It must be said that the attacker, who will celebrate his 35th birthday in December, is naturally approaching the end of his career and many fans are now dreaming of seeing him do the same come-back as Alexandre Lacazette or Corentino Tolisso. And, according to the official media of the Rhodanian club, he opened the door to a return. But rather for a post-career role.

«I stand by what I said. Football is difficult, I’m not too young anymore, I think it’s better to make space for young people. And there are many good young people in Lyon. If I have the opportunity to return to work in Lyon, it would be with great pleasure. For me, Lyon is everything», said the Madrid player.

Martin Bihan

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