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Foot/Ligue 1 – Genesio’s revenge

The victory of Rennes against Lyon yesterday night (4-1) had a special taste for the french coach.

There was only one team on the pitch yesterday in the Roazhon Park : the local team humiliated Lyon, putting them 3 points behind and making Coach Bruno Genesio proud of his players.

Heading Jean michel aulas’ team between 2016 and 2019, Genesio received a lot of criticism from OL’s supporters, and didn’t miss the chance to mock them after his win.

“Some people did a bashing against me during three years and a half when I was in Lyon. Sometimes it was deserved, sometimes not. They would maybe question themselves, it will be great, as we do. Even if we accept criticism, it had been too far against me.” said Rennes’ coach after the game.

One thing is clear : if Rennes finishes above Lyon in the league, Genesio will really like it.

Maxime Cazaux

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