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Foot – The two offers for Neymar that almost changed everything

Long pushed towards the exit this summer, Neymar finally stayed at Paris Saint-Germain. But the Brazilian refused two interesting proposals to continue in the capital.

This is no longer true love. Between Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, relationships are no longer in good shape. However, it all started off well when the two players were united under the same jersey in 2017. The Brazilian arrived with the big star label while the Frenchman was considered a crack. On the pitch, the two forwards quickly spoke the same football. But for a few months, Ney and KM7 are not at all on the same wavelength. While discussing overtime with the PSG, the international Habs would have punched on the table by demanding the departure of the Auriverde footballer.

Neymar had two offers this summer

Moreover, KM7 would not have taken well that Ney extended to PSG according to El Pais. That didn’t really make the Brazilian react, who said no to the Magpies. He didn’t see himself playing for them. However, he was seduced by the interest of Chelsea, the second club that tried to recruit him. The Blues, coached at the time by Thomas Tuchel whom he met in Paris, offered him a salary of 10 million euros net per year. A loan was the option envisaged, but financially it would have been too complicated for the PSG who would have had to pay a large part of his salary.

Chelsea, who was also hesitant because Ney was coming out of an average season and he wasn’t physically fit, finally wasn’t at the end. But the English intend to return to the charge quickly. Neymar, who wasn’t against a loan from the Blues, stayed in Paris, where he’s making a wild start to the season with 12 goals and 9 assists in 16 matches in all competitions. This is good news for Paris Saint-Germain, which still has to walk on eggshells since relations between Kylian Mbappé and Neymar are particularly complicated. We remember the incident of the penalty gate. The rest of the next episode.

Martin Bihan

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