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Football/Ligue 1 – Messi to stay at PSG next season

The Argentine is surprised by the speculation surrounding his future because he has one more year on his contract and has never considered leaving Paris.

When president Laporta told Messi in August 2021 that he was not going to renew his contract, the world came crashing down on the Argentinian. Leaving Barcelona was not in his plans. An abrupt change that explains the time it has taken him to adapt to France, a different place for both him and his family. His first year at PSG has not been easy or rounded, but Leo has not lost the illusion to succeed and to try and conquer the Champions League with the Parisian team.

Many sources can confirm that Messi will remain at PSG next season. It is a done deal. Although there has been a lot of speculation about it, especially after the KO in the Champions League, he has one more year on his contract and he wants to fulfil it. The player, in fact, has been surprised by so many rumours about his future because he has not even considered an early exit from Paris. He has signed until June 2023 and the agreement is sacred.

Not even the booing from the stands after the elimination against Real Madrid made him hesitate. Although he is not used to being reproached by his own fans and it was unpleasant, Messi fully understands the frustration of being knocked out of the Champions League so early when all forecasts pointed to PSG being among the big contenders, especially after reuniting the Argentine with Neymar and Mbappé.

Messi knows that gambling everything on the Champions League was risky and, above all, difficult to achieve in his first year at the club. With Mbappé’s future in doubt, the Rosarino is aware that from August onwards he will have to step up if the Frenchman leaves for Real Madrid.

His goalscoring figures have not been and may not return to what they once were, but he is convinced he can help PSG conquer Europe.

Messi will be absent tonight in Angers, where PSG are in with a chance of lifting the league if they improve on Marseille’s result against Nantes. In any case, it is only a matter of time before PSG seal a Ligue 1 title that has to serve as a starting point. The “GOAT” still has many games left in the Parisian jersey. After 2023, there will be time to think about whether he should spend one last year in Europe or go to the United States or Argentina. For now, however, he is only thinking about PSG.

Abdessalam Hayek

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