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Football/USA Soccer – US women’s team reaches equal pay deal

Players of the United States women’s national team have reached a landmark agreement with the national soccer federation to end the six-year legal battle over equal pay.

Through the agreement, the USSF (United States Soccer Federation) commits to the payment of 24 million dollars in bonuses to match the men’s salary.

The federation and the women announced an agreement on Tuesday. The players will split $22 million, a third of what they originally asked for in damages. The USSF also agreed to establish a $2 million fund to benefit players after their retirement, as well as charitable efforts to foster the growth of women’s sports.

The USSF has committed to provide an equal rate of pay for the men’s and women’s teams, including World Cup bonuses, subject to collective bargaining agreements with the unions representing each of the separate teams.

For the record, the women’s team has won four World Cups since it was established in 1985. The men have not reached the semi-finals since 1930.

Five American players, led by Alex Morgan and Rapinoe, opened the lawsuit by filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in April 2016. The women sued three years later, arguing that they had been harmed under the Equal Pay Act and section VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Although a labor contract has yet to be negotiated and ratified to replace the one that will expire on March 31.

This agreement represents a huge step in the women’s football industry, as it could push other countries to fight for equal pay between men and women in football, or in any other sports discipline.

Abdessalam Hayek

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