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World Cup 2022 – Xavi’s strong statements on Qatar

The coach of FC Barcelona, who knows Qatar well, insisted on stepping up to defend the country where he finished his career.

The start of the 2022 World Cup and even since the award of this World Cup, many voices have been raised to criticize Qatar. Especially in the world of football, where many consultants, former players, and important figures have highlighted certain problems related to human rights and the death of workers on construction sites.

For the moment, it is clear that the Qatari bet is quite successful. If the atmospheres of this 2022 World Cup is not the best in the stadiums and there have been some small problems with the accommodations for the fans, there is nothing very serious to report and everything is going rather well. The feedback from the journalists present is also more than positive.

The FC Barcelona coach insisted on defending his former adopted country :

“I believe that this World Cup will leave a very strong legacy for the country and the region. I think it’s very good that Arab culture is becoming known around the world. I think there are very big stereotypes and prejudices, and there has been a lot of criticism of Arab culture. People can see what Qatar is, that’s not what unfair critics say. People are going to have a very good memory of the country,” he said in his interview with Marca.

Then he unveiled his favorites for the title. “I see Brazil, Argentina, Spain is very good, France is very strong. We’ll see, it will be an interesting end to Mondial. It’s a shame, Qatar has not been at its usual level”, replied the legendary midfielder of the Roja.

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