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League of Legends and Franchises

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Since 2009, League of Legends is present on the international scene. In this 8 years, Riot Games had a notable development with more than 100 million of players today, and a highly competitive platform followed by a majority of the gaming community. The semi-final of SKT T1 against RNG, in the Worlds 2017, reached 86 million viewers!

All of these facts are interesting some organisations that weren’t allied to eSport. And we ain’t going to lie to you, that’s highly beneficial for RiotGames! In fact teams were complaining about the actual economic system, it wasn’t assuring teams a financial source in case of bad performances and that was blocking new investment deals.
Franchises are coming to the leagues!?
The franchise system, what is it? In a nutshell, teams should pay a fee for their place in the leagues, and that will end the concept of Relegation/Promotion. There were discussions about this nearly a year ago, and it’s on the road for the Chinese League (LPL) and the American League (NA).
There were 12 teams in the Chinese League last season, and they are planning to organise the next season with 20! There are already two teams that were added!
Today, a place in the league costs too much, 10 million dollars for a new team, and 3 million for teams that already exist. That allows to players having a better minimum salary range, and being less radical for teams after an unsuccessful season… There are already three gigantic American basketball teams that are interested to the competitions, and they are landing in 2018! The Golden States Warriors are going in with “Golden States Warriors”, Cleveland Cavaliers with “100 Thieves” and Houston Rockets with “Clutch Gaming”.
An other organisation, OpTic Gaming, known specially for their Call of Duty team, are joining the party. The second division will be the “Academy League” and will allow to first division teams to have a pilot team in order to develop new players.
Not American enough?
Influenced by the NBA and the NFL, Riot Games organised a competition with the best players of the NA that had never participated to a major competition. This year a new edition took place, from 26 November to 3 December. We are witnessing a tournament between 4 teams exclusively chosen from “Rookies” and coached by professionals, and players are also eyeing to impress because only 10 players will be drafted by different teams.
It’s only by experience to see if this new system will reduce the level or on the contrary it will interest big players. The botland of G2 Esport are alreadyy joining the TSM, should this by taken for a role-model? And are the LCS EU will follow this movement?

Aykoun Gencoyan

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