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Foot/Ballon d’Or – Pedri wins Kopa trophy !

During Monday’s ceremony for the Ballon d’Or in Paris, Pedri won the 2021 Kopa trophy.

The spanish midfielder collected the first trophy of the evening, in front of an ecstatic Lionel Messi for his former teammate at Barcelona. At only 19 years old, Pedri has had a fantastic year, becoming a starter for Barça and Spain in just a few games. Pedri was glad to have been named the Kopa Trophy winner.

He said after receiving the award : “Good evening everyone, I recently turned 19 and I think the best way to celebrate is to receive this award alongside the best footballers in the world. I want to thank Barça, all the people who have supported me day by day, the coaches, the players and above all the captains, who made my stay in Barcelona easier, like Leo Messi, Thank you for helping me.

Valentin Camba

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