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SBM by London

Football/Premier League – Arsenal suffer major setback in the title race

Despite taking a 2-0 lead within 10 minutes, Arsenal were eventually caught up by West Ham.

Arsenal’s start to the game was perfect and impressive, showing a collective game worthy of a championship team. The first ten minutes saw Arsenal take a two-goal lead, with a goal from Gabriel Jesus (7th, 0-1), followed by a fine volley from Martin Odegaard (10th, 0-2). However, despite this promising start, Mikel Arteta’s men eventually drew with West Ham (2-2) at the Olympic Stadium in London.

Early in the second half, Bukayo Saka had a chance to put his side two goals ahead, but unfortunately he missed his penalty by sending the ball wide. The missed opportunity was a golden one for the England international.

Richie Andriano

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