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Volleyball/CEV – Exposed personal documents of players and journalists!

What an embarassing moment for the European Volleyball Confederation. Bleeping Computer, their website covering technology, showed the world that identify documents (Passports, licenses of volleyball players and journalists) were accessible publicly since Novembre 2020.

Without their knowledge, the CEV had stored all these personal documents on a publicly accessible Azure cloud storage bucket. In other words, since November 2020, everyone had access to many identify documents. Hundreds of the documents of the volleyball players and affiliated journalists were exposed public.

Now, everything’s clear. The CEV spoke and said that: “the server is now secure, and we are working internally and with our processor to improve on the security of personal data in all the tools we use”.

Today, these documents of various players and journalists aren’t available anymore. However, the European Volleyball Confederation kind of confirmed their error and fixed it on the 2nd February 2021.

Matéo Le Clainche

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