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Antoine Dupont suspended 4 weeks after his exclusion against South Africa.

Antoine Dupont knows the duration of his suspension after his expulsion against the Springboks.

While France won their match 30-26 in the final moments, the game ended with 14 players on each sides, as both teams received a red card during the game. And, on the French side, it was the number 9, Antoine Dupont, who had the misfortune to commit a mistake that led to his expulsion. The Toulouse Melee half made a foul on Cheslin Kolbe that he jostled in the air and caused the fall on the head. Following this expulsion, Dupont has been suspended for 4 weeks. The suspension time is quite heavy, especially since the player had no negative intention.

The French team will have to compose without him in the upcoming matches. However, when we know the resources within this selection, we imagine that they will be able to respond.


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