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Basketball/NBA – Home win for the Wolves against a reshuffled Warriors team

Minnesota Timberwolves : A. Edwards – K-A. T – P. Beverley – J. Vanderbilt – D. Russell

Golden State Warriors : J. Poole – K. Thompson – A. Wiggins – O. Porter Jr – K. Looney

The Timberwolves receive Golden State Warriors today. The Warriors play without Stephen Curry and Draymond Green both due to physical issues. The Warriors are not in their best streak in the past few weeks and today they have to do an important job against a good Minnessota team. Since Draymond Green is injured the Warriors is even more in danger and he miss a lot in defense. Tonight it is Klay Thompson the star on the court and he will have to prove himself to lead the Warriors.

First quarter

After 6 minutes in the game the score is 10 -10. The Warriors made 0 points in the paint, in the other side the Timberwolves scored the 10 points in the paint. The Timberwolves did well in the last 6 minutes of the quarter and came back from down 6 to a 8 points lead. It’s 30 – 22 for the Wolves, interresting first quarter, not a meaningful gap enough to say that the game is not over for the Warriors, it is just quarter one, they need to do better in quarter two be in front at half time.

Second Quarter

A really fun quarter to watch, there were beautiful plays on both sides. Such as some threes, some beautiful 2 points play in the paint like Kuminga for the Warriors or Towns for the Wolves. Klay Thompson made 2 threes in this quarter to keep the Warriors in the battle. In fact the Warriors are closer than at the end of the first quarter but still a 6 points lead at half time for the Wolves. It’s 56 – 50 for the Timberwolves, we expect a really good second half that hide some beautiful plays and the most important a tight battle.

Third Quarter

What a second half start for the Warriors they are now in front with a 2 points lead and just lead this second half and third quarter 14 – 6 after 4 minutes. What a game, the game is really going crazy, there is some threes, some 3 points plays, some really beautiful plays right there. They are very close right now, the Warriors were ahead but the Wolves went back leaders and after the Warriors went back also but again the Wolves went back again. Crazy scenes out there just what we wanted. The third quarter ends with a crazy Wolves streak and they create a 10 points lead after a huge third quarter. It’s 91- 81 still hope for the Warriors to comeback.

Fourth Quarter

The Wolves extended their lead to 17 points at the very beginning of the fourth quarter, an important lead and maybe too big for the Warriors tonight. Still some minutes left. The Warriors are not able to react and the Wolves continue to score and make some points. The match is probably over now, the score is 111 – 89 for the Wolves. The game finish at 119 – 99 for the Wolves, great win for Minnesota against the Warriors in a really good game.Karl Anthony Towns finished scorer leader with 26 points.

Hippolyte Doyle

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