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Football/FA Cup: Gareth Bale, an imminent departure? 

Gareth Bale was not in the Tottenham Hotspur group to face Everton last night for the FA CUP. However, the Scotsman was not injured. His coach, José Mourinho, gave a press conference last night in order to explain the situation. During the conference, he quoted an unprecedented reason. 

The coach of the Spurs is very disappointed with Gareth Bale’s attitude. He wasn’t in the group yesterday because he had a muscle problem. But according to his coach, Gareth Bale is looking for excuses not to play because he doesn’t feel well at Tottenham. The Portuguese coach said during a press conference: “We played against West Brom on Sunday, he didn’t play. On Monday I was a bit surprised that he wanted to have a scan because he didn’t feel comfortable with a muscle area, so he didn’t train on Monday. Then on Tuesday he trained with the team but I was informed that his desire was to work with the medical department to strengthen the area he didn’t feel comfortable with and that’s why he wasn’t there. He obviously doesn’t feel comfortable with us. » 

The future of Gareth Bale seems to be further and further away from the Spurs…

Gatien Gerardin

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