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Formula 1 – Checo “It shows who he really is”

Even if George Russell just obtained his first victory in Formula 1, that is not the main subject after the Brazil Grand Prix.

Indeed, at the end of the race, two drivers asked to their teammate to give up the place because of the drivers’ championship. If for Charles Leclerc, the request was quite tricky to execute due to the fact that Fernando Alonso was less than 2 seconds behind the Monegasque, Max Verstappen could have easily let Sergio Perez overtake him for the P6.

Already crowned World Champion, the Dutch knew that Checo was fighting against Leclerc for the P2 in the drivers’ championship. P7 before the last lap, Sergio Perez counted on his partner to help him with his own goals. More than 3 seconds in front of Ocon and less than 2 seconds behind Verstappen, there is no point for Red Bull to not help his second driver. But for this one, it is not the team’s fault. When Verstappen received the order to let Sergio overtake him, he just ignored it and tried to push to overtake Alonso.

Formula 1 on Twitter

Just after the race, the two-time world champion gave his “reasons” without any details on the radio.

“I already told you last time, you guys don’t ask that again to me, OK? Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by it.”

Max Verstappen

A situation that conduces to a huge frustration from Sergio Perez.

“Thank you for that guys, thank you. It shows who he really is.”

Sergio Perez
Formula 1 on Twitter

Since then, Max Verstappen is in the centre of a huge wave of criticism, especially on Twitter.

Raphaël Romero

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