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Tennis/Australian Open – the finalists are known!

This night, in the Rod Laver Arena, Osaka/Williams and Muchova/Brady put on a show for a few spectators back in the stadium. 

Osaka defeats in 2 sets Serena Williams who will still have to wait before winning her 24th Grand Slam. While Serena had won the first service game of her opponent, she lost her service twice in a row. So, Osaka get a break advantage and win the first set 6-3. In the second part of the match, Osaka takes the lead rapidly by winning 4-2. At this moment, with her experience, Williams succeeded on taking Osaka’s service to come back at 4-4. But this will not have been enough for Serena because Osaka wins then the last 2 games without let a point. In 1 hour and 16 minutes, Naomi Osaka eliminates Williams and get her ticket for the final. 

Jennifer Brady qualified herself for her first Grand Slam final by beating Karolina Muchova in 3 sets. As the scenario of the previous match, Muchova lost her first service game. She corrects herself by taking Brady’s service just after (2/1). Then, and during the whole set, both players easily won their engagement. It is only when it was the time to conclude that Brady won Muchova’s service to win 6-4 in the first set. On the second set, Muchova raised her level of play and took the lead since the first game and won the second set quickly. 

A difficult finish 

In the last set, Muchova let her service to Brady. Therefore, the American women took the opportunity to race in the lead. Until 5-3, Jennifer Brady won very easily her service game, often by winning 40-0 or 40-15. At this moment, we thought that the finish will be quite a simple thing for Brady. But we were wrong! The idea of qualifying for the first Grand Slam final was something difficult emotionally for her. The last game lasted more than 10 minutes and we assisted at 3 break points for Muchova and 5 match points for Brady. Finally, the 5th was the good one and Brady was officially qualified for her first Grand Slam final. 

The eagerly awaited final will take place on Saturday with a half-filled stadium. The current 3rd at WTA rankings, Naomi Osaka is the favorite, but we should assist at a great woman final. 

Léo Godefroy 

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