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THE COMBO HITTER : The next level of training

  • laurent clippe

Forget punch bags and bear paws. COMBOHITTER is here!
Don’t have a partner to punch bear paws with you? Your wall is not strong enough to hold the weight of the punch bag? We have the solution !
This solution is named the COMBOHITTER, it combines both a heavy punching bag, bear paws and a bag of speed. Yes yes it exists! We’ll explain the magic.
The COMBOHITTER system was invented by Brad Kohler, heavyweight veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Brad Kohler’s Combo Hitter is a safer and better way to box and train. No need for a heavy bag, training partners or bear paws.
You can simply fix it to the wall with two rails so that you can adjust in height. It allows you to use the fists but also the feet, elbows and knees. What a magnificent invention!
Its big advantage is that it can be installed on almost any wall, as long as they are not made of cardboard. Unlike heavy hit bags that must be fixed on a concrete wall.
In addition to a convenient installation, the Combo Hitter allows you to easily remove it with just 4 small bolts. You can even install this jewel in your living room without risking clutter!
If with all that you are still not convinced, you’d better watch experts using it.
The Combo Hitter can resist to everything.
Pierre-Louis Maternowski

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