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DNP : 14 days to lose 15kg

There is no magic product to lose weight” Well, there is. There is one, 2.4-Dinitrophenol, better known as DNP.

Without changing your diet or training plan, you will lose weight at an incredible speed. In addition, DNP will only make you lose fat without even impacting your muscle.

Loss of all the fat, no muscle loss, no need to starve yourself, just 14 days … The perfect diet, right?
As you can imagine, this product is actually not sold in commerce, at least in the legal one.

Going back to the basics, dinitrophenol is a fairly specific product because it’s basically used to create…. dynamite. Well yes, basically it’s its first use. Then the scientists discovered that ingesting as a capsule, it was used to increase the thermogenesis of the body, it means increase your body temperature in order to burn fat. Only scientists are able to take an element of dynamite, put it in capsules and give it to people to see the effects.

Finally, following this discovery, DNP was used to help overweight people during the 20th century in the United States. However, it was quickly stopped after many deaths because patients overdosed it in order to lose weight faster, as if 2 weeks was too long!

Do you still think this product is miraculous? It will increase your body temperature to more than 40°, damage your liver, intense sweating, headache, insomnia, etc. Of course you have to suffer to be beautiful but if you react badly or if you live in a place with a high temperature you can die. The temperature of the body increases to such an impressive point that the Russians even used it to warm up in winter, full of creativity these Russians!

However very cheap, DNP remains difficult to find on the black market. It’s well known but really not appreciated in the world of sport, even the largest websites of steroids refuse to sale this product. It is not for anything, that it is one of the only steroids banned in absolutely every country in the world.

So, here is the solution, if you still care more about your diet than your life!

Emeric Nieps

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