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Basketball – Joel Embiid is an American citizen, which national team will he choose?

Few weeks ago, we learnt that the Sixers big man Joel Embiid had a french passport with his son. This passport allowed him to play with the cameroonian or the french national team. Now, he can choose between three teams…

Joel Embiid is now an american citizen. So he can also play with the american national team. We learnt this yesterday evening. A big turnaround for french fans because some of them were really excited. Even if some french people critizied this choice. This new has provoked a lot of mocking, on social medias, trying to develop a rumour saying that Embiis could became a spanish citizen.

The probabilty to see Embiid play with cameroonian team is really low, even inexistant. Everybody imagined him with the french national jersey for the next Olympic Games, the order could change now.

Nathan Brillon

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