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Beach Volley/Doha – Karla Borger and Julia Sude refuse to participate

The best German beach volleyball team are foregoing their participation in the World Tours tournament in Qatar because of the dress code. 

For the first time in March, women will be allowed to participate in the event in Doha. After 7 men’s tournaments, Qatar finally accepts to host, at the same time, a women’s tournament. A nice progress for beach volleyball. In addition, the International Federation of Volleyball said, in front of Spiegel that “we respect the culture and traditions of the host country”. 

  Karla Broger & Julia Sude won’t join the tournament

However, Qatar restricted the women to wear bikinis during the competition. Referring to the rules of Qatar, women must wear shirts and knee-length trousers. That restriction is for Karla Broger and Julia Sude unacceptable. For Spiegel, Sude explained why they were foregoing this competition: “It is not about wearing little, it’s about not being able to do our job in our work clothes. We don’t want to go along with that.” Moreover, “At the 2019 World Championships in Athletics, the sprinters also competed for their job in their normal work clothes.” 

Moreover, it can get up to 30 degrees Celsius in Doha in March. A fact that Broger didn’t miss: Beach Volleyball is damn exhausting. We adapt where we can in every country. We are ready for that. But you’re there in the heat dribbling, everything is wet.”

At the end, both teammates refused to participate, but they are still qualified for the Tokyo Olympics thanks to the ranking. 

Matéo Le Clainche 

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